Looks Like Grass

We supply Artificial Grass direct to you or your customers, with a fast next day delivery service. This takes the hassle out of supplying Artificial Grass to your customers!

We supply attractive and conveniently sized retail stands and roll displays. These are made to have a minimal footprint in your store, allowing any size retail unit to supply Artificial Grass!

How It Works

We have a wide selection of Artificial Grasses available to choose from, allowing you to set your range based on your customer’s buying habits.

Our specialist retail displays showcase your range of grass, and the customer makes a selection from there. If you have a roll display stand you can simply cut the desired size from there, or contact us to supply any size direct to your customer, or to your store for your own delivery or collection.

Orders can be placed with us over the phone, or through our online order form. The customer pays a deposit which you keep, and we contact them separately to arrange delivery and complete the payment in full.